About Us
About Us

Our approach is to integrate the environmental cleanup into the development project. We keep our focus on the end goal of development, rather than approaching the environmental issues as a separate project. Some of the many benefits of integrating the cleanup include simplified regulatory interactions, minimized delays, and reduced project costs. By recognizing and accounting for environmental issues during the planning phase, owners and contractors will know what to expect during construction. The regulators and public will be more comfortable proceeding with development because they know if any contamination is encountered it will be handled, managed, and remediated properly.

Our project experiences with site remediation for land development are highlighted below.


  • Preparation and implementation of Site Control Plans and Soil and Groundwater Management Plans.

  • Preparation of sampling and analysis plans, site characterization reports, feasibility studies, and implementation reports.

  • Characterization, remediation, and regulatory closure of sites contaminated with PCBs.

  • Characterization, remediation, and regulatory closure of petroleum contaminated sites.

  • Characterization, remediation, and regulatory closure of fuel oil pipelines and industrial wastewater pipelines.

  • Preparation of land use covenant implementation plans for residential and commercial properties.

  • Coordination of cleanup of lead based paint in soil.

  • Coordination of cleanup of asbestos-laden soils.

  • Soil vapor surveys at petroleum contaminated sites.

  • Indoor air evaluations in residential and commercial buildings.

  • Participation in public meetings.

  • Extensive negotiations with California and Federal regulatory agencies (DTSC, Water Board, U.S. EPA).

  • Evaluation of residual contamination for existing and planned land uses.

  • Preparation of bid documents and scopes of work.

  • Review and evaluation of bids.

  • Project Experience
    Here are just a few services we provide:

    Site-Assessment / Characterization

    Remediation System Design

    Site Closure / Development

    Environmental Compliance / Regulatory Guidance

    Site Planning / Civil Engineering

    On-site Wastewater Treatment

    Representative Projects
  • Remedial Decision Documents for Former Samll Arms Firing Range

  • Additional Investigation and Data Analyses Including Indoor Air Evaluation at Former Military Base to Support Future Planned Residential Use.
  • Project Spotlight Site Remediation for

    Remedy Engineering was retained by a land developer to review historic data for an area that included 23 environmental sites, which had previously received closure for commercial/industrial use.  The developer wants to build residential homes in the area.  Following review and evaluation of the data, Remedy Engineering was able to demonstrate to the regulatory agencies that 16 of the environmental sites had been adequately characterized and remediated to meet the site specific residential use standards. Remedy Engineering designed and implemented a plan to further investigate the remaining sites using direct-push technology. Results showed that only three of the remaining sites required further remediation in order to achieve closure from the regulatory agencies for unrestricted land use.  Remedial actions are being implemented at those three sites to achieve the site specific residential standards, so that closure for unrestricted land use can be obtained for each of the 23 environmental sites.