Remedy Engineering conducted in-situ groundwater remediation of a chlorinated solvent site located immediately adjacent to Mare Island Strait. Remedy Engineering took over monitoring of the site from a previous consultant in 2012 and provided a rapid and smooth project transition. Remedy Engineering continued monitoring and evaluating site conditions, and collected data for the design of chemical injection treatment.  Remedy Engineering planned and implemented three additional injections including chemical injection of carbon substrate amendments (including cheese whey and lactate) to create subsurface conditions that remain conducive to reductive dechlorination of the contaminants.  The site was also bio augmented along with the addition of nutrients to facilitate a healthy microbe population.  Contaminant concentrations across the site have been significantly reduced to the point where all wells are below or near the cleanup levels, and the client anticipates beginning post-remediation monitoring in 2019 with site closure predicted in 2020.