About Us
Site Planning and Civil Design

Our onsite wastewater treatment experience includes design of onsite treatment alternatives for residential and commercial applications. We have experience with intermittent and re-circulating sand filters, effluent pumping systems, dosing siphons, pressurized leach fields, electronic controls, and regulatory compliance.

Other aspects of our onsite wastewater experience are summarized below:


  • Review of onsite wastewater treatment system applications for governmental agencies.

  • Plan reviews for residential and commercial onsite wastewater systems.

  • Chamber leach field design.

  • Alternative onsite treatment designs for unique site conditions.

  • Hydraulic grade line analyses for community wastewater collection systems.
  • Project Experience
    Here are just a few services we provide:

    Site-Assessment / Characterization

    Remediation System Design

    Site Closure / Development

    Environmental Compliance / Regulatory Guidance

    Site Planning / Civil Engineering

    On-site Wastewater Treatment

    Representative Projects
  • Evaluation of Onsite Wastewater Alternatives for Remote Subdivisions.

  • Coordination of Wet Weather Groundwater Monitoring and Percolation Testing for Leachfield Design.

  • Discharge Testing Program for a Mobile Home Park Owner with an Onsite Treatment System in Violation of RWQCB Permit Conditions.