About Us
About Us

Remedy Engineering, Inc. personnel are very knowledgeable of the Federal laws, such as the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) and the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) governing site investigation and cleanup. Much of our experience has been at large multi-site facilities including active and former military installations and petroleum refineries. We have performed cleanup at many sites in California under the State’s Site Mitigation, Brownfields Reuse, and Military Facilities and Munitions Programs.

Examples of the types of experience and capabilities we have are listed below.


  • Development and implementation of innovative approaches to remedy selection for large multi- site facilities.

  • Execution of soil, soil vapor, air, groundwater, and surface water investigations.

  • Evaluation of cleanup alternatives, preparation of feasibility studies, proposed plans, and remedial decision documents.

  • Design of phased approaches to site evaluations that satisfy regulatory requirements and minimize long-term commitment at sites.

  • Development of tools for tracking and documenting remedial decisions for individual sites at large multi-site facilities.

  • Implementation of cleanup plans designed to satisfy multiple state, local, and federal agency requirements.

  • Extensive positive interaction and negotiation with state and federal regulatory agencies and third- party affected residents and/or business owners.

  • Supervision and implementation at Emergency Response projects at request of regulatory agencies.
  • Here are just a few services we provide:

    Site-Assessment / Characterization

    Remediation System Design

    Site Closure / Development

    Environmental Compliance / Regulatory Guidance

    Site Planning / Civil Engineering

    On-site Wastewater Treatment

    Representative Projects
  • Annual Compliance Audits, Inspections, and Reporting of up to 30 Industrial Tenants for Property Management.

  • Preparation of SPCC Plans for Owner of Multiple Industrial Equipment Sales and Repair Facilities.

  • Engineering Assessment and Certification of Hazardous Waste Above Ground Storage Tanks for Owner of Multiple Facilities in Compliance with State Regulations.
  • Evaluation of Hazardous Materials Handling and Storage Practices for Tenants Occupying Berths and Docks Along Saltwater Bay.